A Huge Thank You

24th January 2018

To all of you who donated food over the past year and especially over the Christmas season. Your donations have enabled us to provide food parcels for people who would have had little or no food over this festive time. It has also been lovely to be able to provide some festive treats including mince pies and Christmas puddings. Your kind donations enable the food bank to continue to support individuals and families who are experiencing difficult times.

Thank you also to all our partner agencies who hold the vouchers and especially food bank volunteers who collect the food donated, sort it in our warehouse and distribute the food at our distribution centre at the Barleyfields Centre, Wetherby.

Your food donations are vital to the work of the food bank, and we look forward to working with you all in 2018. Food can be donated at these venues across Wetherby and District. Our distribution centre is open at the Barleyfields Centre, Wetherby 10.00-12.00p.m Tuesday and Friday most weeks.

Best wishes to you all for 2018.

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